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The Area


The properties are wonderfully situated in the Vire Valley known as the Bocage. This term basically means a countryside with hedges, hills and rivers. It is rather like England was many years ago. It has the same lush greenery but the space is amazing! Even the motorways seem quiet in comparison.

Jonquil is located in the hamlet of Brouains which is less than 10 minutes drive from the small town of Sourdeval.

Le Moulin is situated in the village of Mesnil Clinchamps about 2 miles from Saint Sever.

La Gite de la Foret is in Saint Sever.

Tick Tock Cottage is about 4 miles from Saint Sever

The nearest big town is Vire which is famous  mainly for its sausages and gorges! However, in the small town of St Sever there is a magnificent forest, a decent Saturday Market and a wealth of fetes throughout the year. There is also a fantastic open air swimming pool which is open July and August.

 Other places within an hours drive include:



All the properties are within 20 minutes of Vire  which is famous for its Bocage (A mosaic of rolling, meandering landscapes made up of meadows, hedgerows and hillsides through which rivers make their way.) its Gorges and its sausages! The house is situated close to both the Gorges and the forest of St Sever.

There is an interesting museum showing old crafts as well as life in the 18th Century. There is a lot to do for the more athletic like walking, hiking, cycling, riding! For those who prefer to watch there is also a horse trotting race course. For those who prefer to eat and drink there is plenty do!



Founded during the Roman period, Caen developed to full splendour in the Renaissance period : this can be seen from the Italian style Hôtel d'Escoville, or from the half-timbered houses of the Quatrans or rue Saint Pierre or again from the poet Malherbe's home. From then onwards Caen became known as the "Norman Athens", a city so loved by the Marquise de Sévigné for the presence here of "many fine wits". But to discover the unusual aspects of the city, it's best to stroll through the streets and city squares. In the rue Ecuyère, rue Froide, rue Saint Martin, secret back courtyards hide treasures of the city's past. Caen's other renaissance was during the reconstruction after the Second World War, with exceptional city planning and a style of construction worth seeing.


Bayeux is a wonderful mediaeval town full of interesting streets, shops and restaurants oh and a an interesting tapestry.

A unique masterpiece in the world, the Bayeux Tapestry is actually an embroidery made from wool on linen canvas during the 11th century. 70m long and 50cm high, it recounts, simply but with a wealth of detail, how and why Willliam the Conqueror conquered England on 14 October 1066. Unaccompanied visite to the exhibition and audiovisual rooms and Tapestry visit with earphone (11 languages simultaneously).



Granville sur Mer is a seaside resort about 45 minutes drive from the gites. Apart from a number of sandy beaches it also has resort centre which provides an interesting mix of shops, curios, restaurants and hotels.

D Day Beaches The properties are within an hour of most of the D Day landing beaches as well as the super Caen Memorial Museum.

Le Mont St Michel


Le Mont St Michel is one of the wonders of recent times well, the original abbey was conceived in 708!

It has been a monastry, citadel and even a prison although one of its most famous inhabitants was a certain Mere Poulard a cook who devised hundreds of recipes in her time. Her omelette was probably the most famous.


Kids Stuff

Festy Land is like a theme park and virtual experience! It has different sections like the Prehistory, the Norman and the Viking. During the summer months there mock Viking battles and Norman Tournaments. The best thing is that its only 40 odd minutes away.

A bit further away in Cherbourg is the Worlds Largest Submarine open to the public. On the control deck of the submarine you can steer a virtual submarine in an interactive dive!

The Reptilarium is also a more than interesting experience although we would not gurantee that talking to the snakes a la Harry Potter will lead to any truly magical events.


Further a-field there are places like Paris which is about 3 hours drive or a bit less on a direct train service from Vire!